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José Miguel


Idioma: Portuguese
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Living in an age when the adolescents are lack of the necessary guidance and supervision, we can never fail to figure out the fact that teenagers are become especially self-conscious. Under this circumstance, the youngsters are more likely to believe in what they have listened or seen instead of thinking twice before drawing their conclusions, which is pathetically and undoubtedly considered controversial or even unreasonable.   The reasons why I insist on the viewpoint that we should never directly and irresponsibly come to conclusions only by listening or seeing mainly lie in the following two aspects. To begin with, it is a invariable law to every existence in the world that nothing will stay still even for just one second.So are the things happening around us. What we see or listen may be just some particular period of the development of things, which proves unstable and changeable. In addition, the perspectives we conclude just through seeing or listening are usually one-sided. Drawing conclusions rashly is not objective enough to make our statements persuasive.   To sum up, it is unwise for us to define any thing as what we assume or imagine at first sight. Only by our serious thinking and accurate analyzing can we come up with more rational and reasonable conclusions.

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