Taming FAYE [Completed]

Just one night stand with her boss change everything about her existence, the more faye tried to run away, the more daylan was dead set on turning her world upside down, because whatever Daylan Sage wants, he gets. And he wants her willingly or by force.

BuenovelaNov 20 2020
He became a successful billionaire at 30. Tall, dark, handsome and with a great body.Daylan Sage is a genius in the business world, a goal oriented man who single handedly picked his father's business from the slump of bankruptcy to become the top leading company in the country with branches almost all countries in the world.
His late father lost everything he had work for when he married his step mother after the death of his biological mother to breast cancer.
His father wealth started swindling down the day Veronica the most selfish and wasteful woman on earth came into his life, Daylan for once never liked her the very first day his father introduce her to him as his wife to be.
He had warned his father earlier about women like Veronica whose sole aim was to reck any successful business man of their hard earned wealth, his father waved off the warnings concluding firmly that Veronica was his choose woman and Daylan was just a teenage boy who knew nothing about love,relationship and marriage.
Few years later his father started noticing the warnings his son had given him and before he could make quick amendment it was too late.
After his dad died due to kidney failure he stayed with his godparents who saw him through till he was able to stand on his feet as a man, he left the country to Africa to venture into the business world, and with his consistency and focus Daylan became a billionaire in no time, making his father shabby business an empire.
He was and is still the CEO of Sage Family Group Of Company.
Everything about Daylan was hectic, his schedule doesn't allow him to mingle with people, go to club and have fun with his best friend Anthony or for him to find love again.
Not after he caught his Ex girlfrend Jamie who cheated on him with his business rival Tristan.
This hurt him so much that for months he suffered emotionally and swore never to entertain any woman in his life, neither did he ever thought about finding love again.
He refused to think about relationships or give any female a chance to know him more than he wanted them to.
He channeled all his energy to work, not giving space for dates because he believed Love will lead to pain,and pain brings sufferings that will just ruin you.
Maybe someday he would open his heart to love, not to anyone but to the right person.
Everyday is always a typical day for Daylan, Friday included. Paper works scattered occupied his table, he's the CEO of the company doesn't mean he is free from work or should become lazy.
He believed it was his hardwork and focus that made him who he is today, so he is not going to relax because there is still a lot he has to achieve.
Shifting his eyeglasses he continue typing in his computer with all seriousness.
He barely have a life outside his work and company, Anthony his best friend and also his assistant do tell him he was not getting any younger, he needs to find love again, marry and have kids.
Typical Daylan shrugged and continue living his successful but loney life.
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