Mated to the Alpha Knight

Celeste Williamson is about to turn sixteen, which means she's about to find her mate - this is fine and all, but what happens when her mate turns out to be her brother? Will she accept him or find out a hidden truth? Be his mate or reject him to keep her own sanity? Not only is her brother her mate, but talk of a prophecy starts to cloud her judgement... And even worse, Celeste seems to be the target... How will she balance these challenges? Will she find out her entire life has been a lie? Or will she find her destiny within these hidden truths?

BuenovelaNov 20 2020
"Thanks for the ride," I smiled towards Jackson as he walked me to my front door, thankfully my parents had left the outdoor light on; its warm glow casting itself upon our small, stone sidewalk and the white front door.
Jackson smirked playfully, his 6'0 self seeming more muscular than he had in his cheap, shitty car as he took a step forward; his warm, dark complexioned hands clasping my milky pale ones.
"I enjoyed tonight Celeste," My heart raced as I bit my lip. Jackson let his onyx eyes fall to our intertwined hands. The small cool wind blew softly, leaves with it, and the scent of cinnamon drifted into my nose; a bird sang from a nearby tree before falling silent. "And I wanted to know if-"
The front door swung open, the rush of cedar and rain gently dancing into my nose. My heart skipped a beat from the sudden movement and Jackson immediately dropped his hands from mine, clasping them behind his back, and looking up after placing a good two feet between us.
"Oh," Jackson chuckled nervously, sweat glimmering on his dark forehead despite the October weather. "Emrys, it's just you,"
Looking up to see my brother glare daggers at Jackson with his dark stormy eyes, dark brows furrowed together, I let a sigh of defeat escape myself. I swear my brother thought it was his job in life to protect me or some crap - thank God that would change soon! My sixteen birthday is coming up this Saturday, aka halloween, and once you turn sixteen the search for your mate begins; werewolves have one person, and one person only, that the Moon Goddess personally picks out for you - your destiny.
I prayed whoever it is that they would beat Emrys' ass for being such an ass. Emrys' is my older brother and despite being nineteen, he still hasn't found his mate.
Rolling my eyes, I smiled at Jackson. "Thanks for the study session, text me."
Jackson met my steel blue eyes and smiled brightly. "Of course, and don't forget that track practice will run late tomorrow at school," A blush arose in my cheeks, which Emrys did not miss as his expression turned from bad to worse. Despite Jackson's tall self, Emrys' was at least 6'3; I felt smaller than ever in my 5'2 self.
"Go home Jackson and stop hanging out with my sister," Emrys growled out while running a hand through his midnight black hair with one hand before crossing his arms across his chest, his eyes of dark silver. Emrys was definitely on the muscled and defined side of things, broad shoulders, sculpted face - the works; he was also a complete asshole. Sometimes.
"Emrys," I whined quietly, wishing to stop further embarrassment. He looked down to me, softing his gaze. "Please,"
Emrys sighed and took a step back
Turning to face Jackson, I smiled. "Goodnight Jackson,"
"Night, Celeste. See ya' tomorrow,"
Emrys shut the door behind me as Jackson left; our living room, which was made up of my mother's favourite color of warm neutrals, smelled like fresh cooked lasagna with a twinge of cookies. Already I could hear my mother hum in the kitchen to some song on the radio as she finished cooking dinner, my father was probably in his office, and that left me and Emrys standing alone in the living room.
"Why do you have to scare every boy I bring home away?" To be fair, Jackson was the only boy I had ever 'brought' over besides one time in third grade and even then, Emrys blew his stack. My mother had to pull Emrys off the poor kid who cried as he ran home; it was a funny memory to say the least, but also madly embarrassing. "No one else I know has a brother as protective as you,"
Turning around, I tried my best not to shrink under his gaze. "Because no one cares about others like I do," How is this boy not an Alpha? With no other words he walked off and up the stairs, grumbling all the way.
Upon entering my mother's kitchen, I laughed as she twirled and placed the lasagna pan onto the counter, allowing it to cool off. She smiled when she saw me and turned the radio down slightly. We were almost like twins, my mom and I; we had the same milky pale skin, freckles, and starlight blonde hair, my steel blue eyes came from my father. Emrys oddly enough, looked like neither one of our parents. His skin was golden, eyes of grey, black hair, and his height towered over both of our parents.
"Hey sweetie," She kissed my forehead and started to cut the lasagna into pieces. Today she wore a red dress with small white moons etched into the hemline of the skirt, her starlight blonde hair matching mine uncoincidentally in a twisted bun. "How was school?"
"Fine," I sighed and sat down on the kitchen stool, placing my backpack on the seat next to me, and resting my chin in one hand.
My mom frowned at my expression. "What's got you down, Cece?"
"I don't know, mom... You know that guy I hung out with tonight?"
"No, his name is Jackson," She apologized and motioned for me to continue. "Anyway, tonight when he dropped me off, Emrys got pissed,"
My mom dropped the knife with a loud 'clunk' noise against the glass pan, a small bit of hamburger went flying and landed on the counter next to me; her skin paled.
Confused, I continued. "I don't get why he's so mad... Plus, I'm almost sixteen - I think I know if it's okay to date someone or not,"
"Sweetie," Her voice was soft as she regained herself and walked over to me. "Emrys is just... Worried about you. You're his," She seemingly forced the words out. "Little sister."
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, um, yeah..." Her green eyes looked back to the piece of hamburger that flew from her small accident. "Oh yeah," She looked back at me. "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday party?"
"Mom," I groaned and rolled my eyes. "I am not having a party... I just want to watch movies with you," Yes, my mom is my best friend, yes I do have other friends, and no, I don't care if most kids my age considered that weird.
"Fine Celeste, I guess since it is your birthday, we have to do what you want," My mom and I smiled at each other, both knowing that next Saturday would consist of horror movies, candy, and shit talk.
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